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LAVA GRAPHIX is a Custom Design Studio in south florida. That has been producing eye catching graphics since 1995 "Put your TEAM out Front" with creative, High Visibility Graphics that help build that winning image.........………

2017 Mazda Prototypes

----------------"What Are They Saying"----------------





70ontrackdaytona copy

2016 LIVERY.



Racer Wall



70 WG 1

2013 Mazda6 on track


2013 Mazda6 Display at Mazda Motorsports Headquaters.

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2013 Mazda6 Showcar

IMG 3717

2013 speedsource,Mazda 6 Lineup

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2013 Daytona Lineup

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2013 I-Moto Mazda3

#70black desktop

2012 speedsource,Mazda Rx-8


2012 speedsource Mazda Rx-8 Daytona Car

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